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San Jose Roofing Contractors

Many homes and businesses have been using corrugated metal roofing for many years as they are inexpensive and durable when compared to other roofing materials. The specialty of this roofing is its wavy construction of lighter metals that increases the metal strength. According to San Jose roofing contractors, there are various types of corrugated metal roofing available in the market today.

Aluminum corrugated roofing is one such option which is strong, durable, lightweight and rust resistant. Aluminum is a metal that resists corrosion, and does not lose its shine with time. Instead, a natural oxidation layer acts as a coating that protects the metal beneath. Moreover, corrugated aluminum roofing is eco-friendly as it can be made from recycled aluminum. Its reflective feature also helps improve energy efficiency by maintaining a comfortable temperature at home both in cold and hot months.


Steel corrugated roofing is available in two forms; stainless and galvanized roofing. While stainless steel is more anti-corrosive than galvanized steel, it is not as strong and doesn’t need any coating like galvanized steel.

Though stainless steel is more attractive, shiny and lasts for a long time, it does not stand up to harsh conditions like other corrugated metals. However galvanized steel roofing is the cheapest corrugated roofing option, is resistant to harsh conditions and rust and only needs a zinc coating. This coating may however change with time rust and only needs a zinc coating. This coating may however change with time and give the roof a bad look.

Copper and tin

Tin is corrosion resistant, has a better bonding with zinc and is cheaper than other metals like copper and aluminum. San Jose roofing contractors however state that the corrugated tin roofing available in the market is not made from pure tin, but is often steel coated.

Corrugation of tin makes it strong and a useful option in areas with heavy storms or hail. Moreover, its light weight gives less stress to the building and as long as it is maintained with a periodical protective paint coating, it effectively provides protection from all elements.

According to San Jose roofing contractors, copper corrugated roofing is growing in popularity as copper is a versatile metal that can withstand heavy storms. Moreover, its light weight puts less stress on the building foundation.

Copper is also effective in handling the heavy weight of snow in areas with frequent snowfall and gives a different look to the roof. Over time; the roof gets an antiqued look that is naturally rust resistant.


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