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Burlingame Roof Replacement

While looking for the roof replacement option Burlingame roofers are a good choice. They can install some cheap roof replacement options like roll roofing. This roofing option basically uses the same material used for shingles. The only difference between the two is that this is a much cheaper option mainly because its installation is much cheaper and faster than the installation of shingles.

As the name implies, roll roofing is roofing that comes in rolls. These rolls are about 36 feet long, have a width of 3 feet and weigh about 55 pounds to 90 pounds per roll. The lighter ones are those that come with a smooth surface while the heavier rolls are those that have a slate or smooth surface.

Cheap and easy to install roofing option

Replacing the roof with roll roofing generally lasts for about 6 to 12 years. So this roofing option is not as durable as other options. However the advantage it offers over other options is that it is cheap.

The main reason most homeowners like roll roofing is because it is so easy to install, you do not need any special skills to install it. In addition to this, it is available in various colors like black and red.

Most of the time, roll roofing is used for covering the main house. However if required, you can also use it for topping garages, sheds and patios. These rooms usually have flat or perhaps a slightly sloped roof, so installing it on them is not that difficult.

Delicate roofing option

Burlingame roofers remind that roll roofing is delicate when compared to other roofing options. It is so delicate that if the weather turns cold, you may find some cracks or damage on the roll roofs. So if you plan to install your roofing in the cold, it is better to first make your roof warm and then roll out your slate or strip.

There are various types of roll roofing available, where each type is specifically used for roofing a specific project or home. Those in the rural areas should use roll roofing with a mineral surface as it is best for use on barns, sheds and as animal shelter roofing. Those living in very cold regions should use rolls with specialty eaves flashing. living in very cold regions should use rolls with specialty eaves flashing. This helps prevent the accumulation of ice on the structure’s eaves and thus prolongs the life of the roof.

Cosmos Roofing
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