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Roofing Installation Palo Alto

A roof is a very important part of any structure as it provides protection from natural elements like heavy rains and strong winds. This is why roofing installation Palo Alto places so much of importance in choosing the right roof for any structure.

Of the lot, tiled roofs are growing in popularity as they offer a cheap roofing option, and have a long lifespan. Moreover, tiled roofs look quaint in most structures and add a touch of beauty to any house or building.

Types of tiles

While installing a tiled roof, you should be aware of the fact that the final appearance of a tiled roof depends mainly on the color, size and texture of the tiles used. In addition to this, tiled roofs are based on the pitch or slope of the roof, and the presence of valleys, hips and ridges on it.

You can choose from a large variety of tiles for your roof like ceramic, clay and rubber tiles. Your choice has to be made based on your budget, your architectural design and of course, your personal preferences.

Roofing installation Palo Alto states that there are two main tile roofing techniques available for you to choose from for your roofing needs. First of all, roofs come in two varieties; interlocking ones that can be installed in pairs where a tile hooks or locks into the other. Then theren be installed in pairs where a tile hooks or locks into the other. Then there are interlocking tiles that have no mechanism for installation, and are just nailed in place.

Installation of tiled roofs

While installing the interlocking type of tiles, roofing installation Palo Alto suggests first hooking its protruding nibs on its underside, over the wooden battens. The next step in the installation of interlocking tiles involves nailing them in place.

It is important that all tiles placed on the eaves, which are the overhanging lower edges of the roof, and the ridges should be nailed in place using copper, aluminum or stainless steel nails.

For a more complete and professional look to the roof installation, the ridges and the hips of the roof are usually finished using special ridge tiles. These tiles are basically the same color as the rest of the roof and can be fit into place using cement mortar.

In addition to this, roofing installation Palo Alto finishes the job by coloring this mortar using a pigment that matches the color of the tiles used in the roof installation.
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